Support your multilingual customers

Support your multilingual customers

Customer support is one of the necessary parts of consumer satisfaction, and one of the vital details of this process is talking in the same language. Connecting Lingohub to your Zendesk Help documentation will strengthen translators with CAT tools, improve the quality of your content, and ensure that your customers receive accurate information in a language they understand.

Control the synchronization

You can manually import/export your Zendesk articles or define a schedule for automatic import/export. Manage the entire process and choose the best schedule depending on your and your team's activities to keep your customer support best. Moreover, define whether you want all your Zendesk articles to be synchronized with your Lingohub project or just specific ones.

Cut off the time with automation

When manually importing or exporting files from the Help Center, it's easy to encounter unexpected errors, especially if you have a lot of languages. These errors may seem minor, but they will "eat" your project's time and finances, anyway. Zendesk integration is a powerful solution that can help you avoid such situations by automating the process and preventing human error.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Pre-translate your content in a minute, and never start the translation from scratch. The combination of DeepL, Google Translate, and Amazon Translate provides high quality from the start.


One of the essential things for the Help documentation is using correct terms. The Lingohub glossary is perfect for keeping the help center unified and accurate.

Questions left? Read the detailed information in Help Center

empower your team

Best for

For managers
Reduce the manual tasks with a seamless connection and speed up the localization process to support multilingual customers.
For translators
Use the power of CAT tools to provide accurate content for the Help Center quickly.

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