Localize DocX content fast and with kept quality

Translate OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Google Docs files

DocX is a widely used file format supported by many popular tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, etc. Lingohub supports importing and exporting .docx files, enabling you to translate your documents using various CAT tools for quicker and more efficient results.

Build continuous localization

Lingohub provides a solution for the continuous translation of DocX files. With Lingohub, uploading a newer version of your document will match the document with prior versions and maintain the previously translated texts.

Control the quality and keep all content consistent

When translating DocX files, utilizing CAT tools can be extremely helpful. Lingohub provides access to many features, even in its basic pricing plan. This means your DocX files can be reviewed by quality checks, pre-translated, and processed by other advanced tools to ensure the best possible results.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Translate faster by getting high-quality pretranslation - no need to start from scratch with text translation.

Ensure all the terminology throughout your project is used correctly. Translate the .docx materials with glossary suggestions.

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For managers
Reduce the manual tasks with a seamless connection and speed up the localization process to support multilingual customers.
For translators
Use the power of CAT tools to provide accurate content translation quickly.

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