Localize your Vaadin application

Localize your Java applications

Vaadin is an open-source Java framework that simplifies web development by allowing Java developers to write both front-end and back-end logic in Java. It offers a rich set of UI components and tools for enterprise application development, including data binding and responsive design. Vaadin's server-side architecture ensures secure data handling and efficient communication between client and server.

Use locale-specific components

With the Vaadin framework, you can create a great-localized user interface with locale-specific components and formatting. Based on the users' locale, Vaadin provides the appropriate date and time formats, numbers, currencies, language-specific messages, etc.

Resource bundle management

Manage the bundles much easier with Vaadin. It allows developers to organize and store language-specific property files. These bundles act as repositories for translated content, such as messages, labels, and other application elements. Vaadin's translation management support streamlines updating and maintaining translations, enabling efficient collaboration between developers and translators.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.

Keep all your translations in a single place regardless of whether they were made - by internal translators inside Lingohub or by external agencies or freelancers.

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