Localize your Symfony application

Rapid go-to-market

Symfony is a widely used and popular PHP framework with a highly modular architecture that facilitates rapid development even for complex solutions. Combined with Lingohub, you can release new features for different regions faster because of Symfony's abilities and robust CAT tools. Integrate your localization process with development and synchronize activities to achieve optimal results.

Reusability and scalability

Symfony has a set of reusable components, which can save a lot of time for developers - no need to create something new - use a clean and organized codebase. Also, Symfony provides developers with the flexibility to customize and extend the framework according to their specific project requirements. Its scalable architecture enables developers to build applications accommodating increasing workloads and user traffic without compromising performance.

Translate you Symfony app with YAML

Use Lingohub's YAML files support to translate your Symfony applications. YAML files offer a structured and readable way of defining key-value pairs and hierarchical data, which makes them ideal for storing and managing localized content. With YAML files, translating content becomes more organized and easier to manage, allowing developers and translators to update translations as needed.

Best practices

Lingohub tips



Using the Lingohub glossary is an excellent way to ensure consistency across all content in the project. Rest assured that all terms are used appropriately.

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.

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For managers
Make the localization process faster and more efficient by reducing manual tasks.
For developers
Do not hassle about manual file import/export; focus on the engineering work that truly matters.

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