Localize your software with PHP files

Native support for multibyte strings

PHP's built-in support for multibyte strings makes it inherently suited for handling diverse languages, ensuring accurate rendering and manipulation of non-ASCII characters, a crucial feature for comprehensive and precise language localization. This support is vital for accurately processing and displaying text in languages with non-Latin alphabets, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many others.

Dynamic locales

PHP's dynamic locale configuration enables developers to customize date, time, and number formats based on the user's location. This feature allows developers to customize the formatting of locale-specific data dynamically, ensuring that the content displayed to users aligns with their cultural preferences and regional standards.

Simple integration of translation libraries

PHP's compatibility with various translation libraries, such as Gettext, makes it easier for developers to integrate robust localization features into their applications. This allows efficient and organized translation file management, streamlining the localization workflow. With PHP, developers can easily incorporate translation libraries to enable robust application localization and translation features.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

The quality check tool identifies and flags incorrect terminology, misplaced or missing spaces, punctuation errors, unsupported symbols, and incorrect formatting. Minimize the risk of errors in your files.

Keep all your translations in a single place regardless of whether they were made - by internal translators inside Lingohub or by external agencies or freelancers.

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Cooperate with the different contractors and keep all your translations in a single place.
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Simply integrate the translation libraries and use the dynamic locales advantages during localization.

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