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Use one of the most popular internationalization library

i18next is one of the most widespread internationalization (i18n) libraries for JavaScript. It provides comprehensive localization capabilities for web applications like multilingual support and managing and displaying content in different languages more straightforwardly based on the user's preferences. i18next offers a range of features like nested translation support, pluralization, interpolation handling, and many more.

Localize on any language and simply switch between them

i18next facilitates dynamic language switching and fallback mechanisms, ensuring a smooth transition between different language options based on user preferences. Additionally, the library supports fallback options, allowing the application to display content in a default language when translations for a specific language are unavailable. At Lingohub, we offer solutions to localize your content fast and with high quality. Our system provides various features such as translation memory, machine translation, term base, and quality checks that you can use to minimize the chances of the requested language being unavailable.

Get the power of JSON + i18next

JSON + i18next is a powerful combination that enables managing and implementing internationalization (i18n) in JavaScript applications. With such an approach, the i18next library can load and utilize the content from the respective JSON files based on the user's language preference. This approach allows developers to effectively manage and implement internationalization in their JavaScript applications, ensuring a seamless user experience across different languages. Lingohub supports JSON 3 and JSON 4, so developers have advanced capabilities for enhanced data interchange and improved handling of internationalization tasks.

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Using the Lingohub glossary is an excellent way to ensure consistency across all content in the project. Rest assured that all terms are used appropriately.

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.

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