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Developed by Google, Go/Goland became a popular programming language for building scalable software. It was designed for high performance and provides excellent compilation and execution speed. The Go-based code allows you to turn on a few processes without performing issues. Such "multi-tasking" is due to native concurrency support, so your applications that require simultaneously handling different tasks can easily take them.

Simplify the translation handling

With the Go-i18n library, designed to simplify translation management, you can easily handle data types like date and time, numbers, etc. Additionally, Go-i18n supports contextually relevant and flexible localized content. The library dynamically inserts variables or values into translated strings by enabling string interpolation, ensuring a more precise and flexible localization experience.

JSON support

To localize your Go application, Lingohub supports JSON format. It allows developers to define and organize translation strings in JSON files, making it easier to manage and update language translations within the application. With Lingohub, you can use the go-i18n JSON format to define translations for various data types, including strings, numbers, dates, and times, thereby enabling the creation of multilingual applications with comprehensive localization support.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Using the Lingohub glossary is an excellent way to ensure consistency across all content in the project. Rest assured that all terms are used appropriately.

Ensure your files are error-free. The quality checks feature detects and warns about common issues like missed or wrong placeholders and HTML markups, duplication, double spaces, and punctuations.

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