Avoid manual activities and focus on the essential things

Speed up with file synchronization

GitHub integration provides a seamless process both for developers and translators. As soon as the new changes are added to the repository, they will be detected, and new text segments will be created. Your team will have perfect synchronization without any additional communication and files back and forth. Using this integration can save a significant amount of time and energy for developers and translators.

Keep the projects clean with branching

Lingohub supports Git branching to protect your code from chaos and mistakes and make your localization process comfortable. To avoid violating the development process with Lingohub, you can work with any branch separately. Once the translation is ready, you can push the files back to it. Such an approach guarantees that your work remains isolated and does not affect development.

Reduce human errors with automation

Manual file import/export can lead to unexpected errors that "steal" time and money from your project. GitHub integration is a magic wand to prevent similar situations and protect your team from additional fixing activities and associated stress.


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Best practices

Lingohub tips

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.



Need to check the new language for your prototypes fast? Upload segments with the Figma plugin, automatically translate them with Prefill and push them back.

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empower your team

Best for

For managers
Reduce the manual tasks by providing screenshots automatically and control the interfaces' localization
For developers
Forget about manual file import/export and focus on the engineering work.

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