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Multipurpose file format

Gettext PO, a standard file format used for software localization, plays a vital role in facilitating the translation and adaptation of software applications. PO (Portable Object) files are plain text files containing a list of original text strings and corresponding translations in a target language. This format supports plural forms and enables the extraction of translatable strings, streamlining the localization process.

Flexible structure

In Gettext PO, the structure involves the utilization of different keys, such as text keys, source text keys, or artificial keys, which serve as identifiers for specific strings within the localization file. Developers can opt for various key types to streamline the translation process, enhancing manageability and reducing development time.

Multiple frameworks support

Gettext PO can be used across many frameworks, including CakePHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Django, enabling developers to handle translations for web applications easily. Its widespread integration highlights its versatility and compatibility, making it a preferred choice for developers working with different frameworks and seeking efficient localization solutions.

Best practices

Lingohub tips


Gettext PO

Using the Lingohub glossary is an excellent way to ensure consistency across all content in the project. Rest assured that all terms are used appropriately.


Gettext PO

Ensure your files are error-free. The quality checks feature detects and warns about common issues like missed or wrong placeholders and HTML markups, duplication, double spaces, and punctuations.

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