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Save budgets by reducing manual tasks

Use the Lingohub plugin to avoid possible issues with the text direction, length, and so on from the start. The simple push and pull text segments to Lingohub and back allow you to check the new translations in a few minutes to check the potential issues from the start. Investing a few extra minutes in using this plugin can save a significant amount of time, and energy for designers and translators who may have made unintentional errors.

Smooth synchronization

Push the text from the Figma to Lingohub and back in a few clicks - simple as is. Just install our plugin and select the pages you need and the system will do all for you - will automatically split the text into segments and upload them to your chosen project. If you don't need all the segments, you can specify which ones you want to upload.

Raise quality by automatically providing context

Automatically provide the translators with the context images by uploading the text segments from Figma. It is often impossible to predict where the precise text section will be inserted or how it will appear. Buttons with labels like "Demo," "Registration," and others are visible, but what about other text elements?

Context images serve as a valuable tool in this regard, enabling translators to identify the location of text on a page more quickly. Incorporating context images enhances localization, resulting in a more accurate and qualitative result.


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Best practices

Lingohub tips

Figma Plugin

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.

Figma Plugin


Need to check the new language for your prototypes fast? Upload segments with the Figma plugin, automatically translate them with Prefill and push them back.

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