Localize your Django application

Security and scalability

Django is one of the most popular Python frameworks and is an excellent solution for building secure websites and applications. It provides a list of valuable solutions like additional security (avoiding keeping the session information in the cookies) or independent architecture when each part of the project does not affect other parts, so developers can easily replace something or scale. One of the biggest examples of the abilities of Django scalability is Instagram.

Manage the localization

Django provides robust localization support, like specifying which part of the product should be translated and the option to customize date and time formats. Also, the Django framework uses one of the most popular translation file formats - the Gettext PO (Portable Object). The generated PO files contain strings with both the original and translated content and can be easily read by humans and are the primary things to manage translations within Django.

Provide first-class multilingual experience

One of the important features of Django is localization support, which allows web applications to switch between languages dynamically and adapt their content to meet the language preferences of users. With Lingohub support, you can translate your Gettext PO files for Django much faster and provide high-quality translated content to the market more quickly. Our tools, like the glossary, quality checks, translation memory, etc., are designed to bring our slogan, "You create - Lingohub translates," to life and simplify the localization process for business as much as possible.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Set up the rules for quality checks about text length and with Figma plugin control that all content fits the design even faster. Avoid the additional time-spending.

Translate your CSV files faster with Lingohub machine translation. Combining DeepL, Amazon Translate, and Google Translate will provide the best result.

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