Synchronize your Bitbucket repository with Lingohub translating projects

Synchronize resource files back and forth

Bitbucket is one of the most popular repository providers, and we at Lingohub created a premium experience for integrating Bitbucket with your Lingohub organization. Such an integration decreases the number of manual imports/exports to zero. Moreover, Lingohub automatically detects changes added to the repository and generates new text segments, ensuring seamless synchronization.

Control versions with branching

Managing versions and maintaining code organization are crucial aspects of software development. Lingohub supports branching, so you can easily localize the needed branches, ensuring that different parts of the project remain isolated and do not impact each other. Ensure the code is organized and error-free with Lingohub.

Avoid human mistakes

Forget about human errors by automating processes as much as possible. By eliminating manual tasks, your team can focus on more important things rather than dealing with the file exchange and related errors. Do what is essential.


Connect in a few clicks

Best practices

Lingohub tips

Don't worry about technical issues with files. The quality checks detect missing or incorrect placeholders, tags, HTML markups, duplication, etc., to provide error-free files.



Upload segments to Bitbucket, translate them automatically with Prefill (choose machine translation or translation memory), and push them back. Faster as ever.

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empower your team

Best for

For managers
Make the localization process faster and more efficient by reducing manual tasks.
For developers
Refrain from hassle about manual file imports/exports; focus on the engineering work that truly matters.

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