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Time is essential for business success. Even if you created some features earlier than your competitors, talking about them to all your customers is extremely important. But your translation should be fast, high-quality, and delivered for the audience without delay. Microsoft Azure DevOps integration by Lingohub was made to speed up the entire localization and bring your success closer.

Automate the localization process

Automated file exchange between the Microsoft Azure DevOps repository and Lingohub provides effective file transferring. Such an approach streamlines the entire process and helps to avoid human mistakes, misunderstandings, and time spent.

Seamless synchronization

Synchronize resource files back and forth between Lingohub and your Azure repository. Any changes you make to your files will be instantly available to translators, and they can start working on them right away. You can instantly, periodically, or manually synchronize your files, then push all the changes directly or create a pull request.


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Microsoft Azure DevOps

Issues in files could affect the issues in development. Quality checks help to avoid a large number of possible mistakes like incorrect placeholders, tags, HTML markups, duplication, etc., to provide error-free files.

Microsoft Azure DevOps


Incorporate Prefill's automatic translation feature into your workflow on Microsoft Azure DevOps to speed up the translation process for your segments significantly.

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For managers
Make the localization process faster and more efficient by reducing manual tasks.
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Do not hassle about manual file import/export; focus on the engineering work that truly matters.

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