Localize iOS and Mac applications with iOS .strings files support

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The iOS ecosystem is continuously growing and covers more than 170 countries worldwide. With Lingohub's robust CAT tools and friendly interface, you can quickly adapt your iOS applications to any region and language. Spread your business worldwide; we will support you in this challenging task.

Save time with the Over-the-Air (OTA) updates

No need to release your application to stores every time you have added the changes. Save time with OTA and effortlessly improve your product. Our comprehensive translation management tool allows you to easily store, organize, and translate your mobile app content in a single place. Keep the translations accurate, up-to-date, and consistent with Lingohub.

Translate once - use multiple times

Lingohub can convert iOS files to Android or vice versa. The system automatically detects placeholders and changes them to fit chosen formats. Such an option is an ideal solution for those with multi-platform applications and enables you to save a lot of time for your business by simultaneously releasing all updates.

Best practices

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iOS .strings

Save much more time by using previously translated segments. Translation memory saves the data about your earlier translations and provides suggestions in case of matching.


iOS .strings

Automated context images

Mobile SDK provided by Lingohub is a tool that helps to import context images automatically and match them to corresponding strings. Provide more data and get a better final result.

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