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Angular is an open-source JavaScript framework for building dynamic web pages and applications. With its robust features, Angular enables developers to create rich client-side applications easily. Its flexibility and versatility make it ideal for building complex and interactive web applications.

Localize dynamic content

Angular allows developers to create custom localization configurations, enabling the dynamic adaptation of content based on the user's language and locale settings. Angular's localization capabilities apply to dynamic content like measurement units, date and time, numbers, currencies, time zones, pluralization rules, etc. This ensures the application remains culturally relevant and linguistically accurate for diverse user groups.

Component-based architecture

Angular's component-based architecture provides a powerful tool for managing translations. Using separate UI components makes it possible to simplify the localization process and translate each component independently. This means developers can maintain and update different application parts without affecting the entire codebase. Streamline localization and ensure that applications are accessible to users around the world.

Best practices

Lingohub tips

In cooperation with external translators, ensure your files are correct with quality checks. This feature will warn you if there are wrong terms, additional or missed spaces, punctuation, characters, and spaces.

Keep all your translations in a single place regardless of whether they were made - by internal translators inside Lingohub or by external agencies or freelancers.

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Keep the localization for your application on a high level. Use the automation features and speed up.
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Control the localization of the product with variety of components.

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