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Zendesk integration

LingoHub provides a Zendesk integration that allows you to synchronize your Zendesk Help Desk with LingoHub and easily serve your help center articles in various languages.


  • The Zendesk integration feature is only available in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • To configure your Zendesk integration, your project needs to be set to a Zendesk project when you created it.


To connect your LingoHub project with your Zendesk help, follow the steps below:

  1. Click dashboard in the top navigation bar. You will be redirected to the project's dashboard.

  2. Click Zendesk integration.

  3. Enter your Zendesk subdomain.

  4. Click connect.


    You will be redirected to the authentication page.


  5. Enter your Zendesk credentials.

  6. Click sign in.

Your integration is now configured as shown in the image below.


Once your integration is successfully configured, your Zendesk articles are imported to your projects.

Managing your integration's general settings

You can get detailed information about your integration and manage the different settings of your installation at any time in the General section of the integration tab.

To access the integration tab, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the project dashboard, as described above.
  2. Click on Zendesk integration.

You will be redirected to the integrations setting page. All available settings are described below.

Authentication settings

The image below displays all available authentication settings.


1 - Displays the Zendesk subdomain on which the integration is connected.

2 - Displays the user authentication used for the integration.

3 - The reconnect option, that allows you to update the account used for the connection.

Note: The new account you want to use must have admin access to the help center on Zendesk.

Integration settings

In this section, you can change the subdomain used for the integration as shown in the image below.


Articles synchronization

Define whether you want all your Zendesk articles to be synchronized with your LingoHub project or just specific ones in this section, as shown below.


Deleting the integration

In this last section, you can remove your Zendesk integration from your project.

To delete your integration, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the integration settings page, as described above.
  2. Click disconnect.
  3. Confirm your choice to delete the integration.

Note: This action is irreversible.


Managing your integration's import and export settings

In this section, you can manually import and/or export your Zendesk articles or define a schedule for automatic import and/or export of your Zendesk articles. The image below displays all available options.


Congratulations! You finished our article on the Zendesk integration. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch with our support.

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