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Find out how teams use LingoHub to break the digital language barriers and create valuable multilingual content

"Our goal is to simplify both the developers' and the translators' work"

LingoHub was the right choice to ensure a smooth translation workflow

Exporting to 38 countries, reaching more than 140 million downloads and translating into over 15 languages make adidas Runtastic a global player in the industry. Of course, localization plays a major role for adidas Runtastic and it’s been a pleasure for Lingohub to be a part of their success story in the previous years.

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"LingoHub helped us scale our translations, right form the same source."

How Storyblok scaled up their localization efforts thanks to LingoHub

Storyblok is the only headless CMS with a visual editor. Started in 2015, it quickly became adopted by developers from around the world as their preferred content management solution. Learn how LingoHub helped Storyblok scale up the translation efforts of their web application.

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"We believe that localization creates a deeper, more enjoyable experience."

LingoHub helps us to manage our translations more efficiently

FlightRadar24 shares real-time flight data with its users in more than 130 countries and 7 languages. From adding value to classrooms around the world to providing priceless information in times of crisis, FlightRadar24 is a real LingoHub Global Champion.

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"With LingoHub, anybody in the company is able to manage all the mobile translations. "

LingoHub liberates our team by streamlining our translation management efforts

Tractive is keeping your pets safe in more than 80 countries around the world, combining lean tech solutions and love for all animal family members. Providing apps in native languages for so many users is not a small feat, find out how they do it.

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