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Localization can be easy and convenient if you have the right tool. Lingohub supports you in localization efforts by storing, managing, and translating your content in one place. The 360-degree overview of all processes allows staying in touch within any stage - from the text translation to financial reports.

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The differences between
Lingohub vs Phrase

Phrase provides localization services for different businesses. Looking for Phrase alternatives and want to learn more about possible solutions? Find the Lingohub vs. Phrase comparison below:

All features in one solutions

Lingohub is a comprehensive application that contains all the features for localization management in a single environment - manage localization progress and finances, automation, communication, translation, and more. Phrase has splitted the product into two different things - Phrase TMS aimed to automate the localization workflow and Phrase String for localization of different content. These tools have different pricings and can be combined in one environment.

Pay monthly if you need

Unlike Phrase, Lingohub allows as annual as monthly billings - choose what you like more, but remember that you will save the costs by paying annually. Phrase, in turn, allows only annual and quarterly billing.

more benefits

Switch to Lingohub and get...

Contracts and automated transactions generation for your team

Lingohub offers complete process management for all localization activities, including translation budgets. You will never manually create transactions or calculate prices again. The platform provides automated transaction generation for team members per specified time ranges; you only need to set the standard and specific rates (depending on effort and language pairs). Get guaranteed transparency for the organization and employees (the translators automatically get transactions with detailed summaries in their profiles).

Upgrade you Organization

No matter what kind of pricing plan you have chosen - you have access to add-ons that can give you more opportunities. For example, you can buy extra segments or machine translation characters and connect the Figma or Zendesk to your Organization. In the case of Phrase TMS and Phrase String, you don't have such flexibility because you need to upgrade the pricing plan to access some features. A simple example is Figma - with Lingohub, you can buy an add-on and connect the Figma plugin despite your plan. With Phrase TMS and Phrase String, such an option is unavailable for the first pricing plan.

Divide and manage texts based on their types

Mark and split different texts (by style, purpose, type, etc.) into separate groups for effortless management with the labeling feature. There is no limit for label numbers - you can create as much as the project requires. In the complex with statuses that represent text readiness, the team has an ability for extended filtering and fast focusing on the needed part of the project in a few clicks.

Keep all texts in a single tone of voice with style guides

Help the whole team to stay in one text style, and rest assured that your business voice is united. Lingohub provides style guides feature with extended options: Create different style guides for user groups based on categories, age ranges, etc. Indicate the desired grammatical person, vocabulary type, and formality. Provide the text example, and be sure your texts are uniform.

Provide more context with an illustrated glossary

Add the images to the required terms and help the team understand better the context of using a particular word or phrase. The Lingohub's term base supports CSV and TBX file formats for bulk import and export. With extended matching rules for each term (fuzzy, prefix exact, custom), the system recognizes more entries and provides better suggestions for the team.


Lingohub vs Phrase

All features available from the start
Multi editor
Two Editor views for focusing on translation and bulk action and management
Unlimited private projects from the start
Free plan for open-source
Internal communication features
Machine translation (no need client’s API keys)
Labels management
Contracts with translators
Transactions for translators
Notification management
Roles management (ability to create new roles)
Project groups
Figma plugin
paid plugin for all plans
TMX file support
for all plans
paid plugin for all plans
Github / GitLab
for all plans

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