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We're proud to announce that LingoHub is now supporting a Sign-in with Microsoft and Azure repositories for your LingoHub projects.

You can now sign up and log in to LingoHub using your Microsoft account.

Additionally, being among the most requested features and a popular repository, LingoHub lets you connect your localization project with your Azure repository.

with Microsoft

We're excited to inform you about our latest additional sign-in service for LingoHub. Besides the available GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, and Google login, we are now supporting Microsoft OAuth.

Sign in with Microsoft is the new, fast, and easy way to sign in to your LingoHub account. Simply head over to the LingoHub sign-in page and use your Microsoft account.


Azure DevOps repository integration

Being available to all your LingoHub projects, you can now translate your language files using our new Azure DevOps integration. Simply connect your LingoHub project with your Azure repository. Here’s how it works.

If you head over to one of your LingoHub projects, you can now choose Azure Repos as an available integration. Once you created your LingoHub project, you can create a GitHub integration in the Repository Tab.


Simply select Azure Repos as your preferred repository for this particular LingoHub project.


Connecting the repository

Now that LingoHub connected to your Azure account, it is time to specify which repository should be connected to your LingoHub project and what the default branch is.


Note: The repository URL and the branch will be verified if they exist on Azure and if LingoHub has access to them.

Selecting the resource files

The last configuration step is to select the files you wanna synchronize with LingoHub. For that LingoHub created a powerful file matcher. If you finish this last step, you’re now done and have successfully connected your Azure repository with LingoHub.


By connecting your translation & localization project with your Azure repo, you can:

  • Synchronize resource files back and forth between LingoHub and your repository
  • Directly push the changes or create a Pull Request
  • Custom commit message/Custom Pull Request information
  • Instant, periodic, or manual synchronization

What’s next

Log in or sign up for free LingoHub trial right here to experience the new Azure repo and Microsoft OAuth integration yourself.

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