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Software localization is at the heart of any successful international product strategy. One company that understands this very well is one of our earliest customers Nordeus. The game developer based in Serbia is successfully integrating localization into their product development workflow and is continuously expanding its global reach. We want to illustrate a localization business case, so we've asked Nordeus's Milan Đukić a little more about where they stand with localization, and what is next for them.

How old is Nordeus and what kind of products is Nordeus selling?

Nordeus is little over three years old. It was founded in May 2010. We are the creators of Top Eleven (www.topeleven.com), which is completely free to play and the most popular online sports video game in the world.

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In how many countries is the company active, and in how many languages do you offer your product(s)? How many users do you serve in these languages?

We have offices in the USA, Ireland, Serbia and Macedonia. As for the game itself, Top Eleven is played in almost every country with electricity and internet access :) Currently we support 39 languages, we are really looking forward to that "magic number" of 40 supported languages and we have well over 12 million monthly active users.

To what extent are your customers shifting to mobile-first usage of your products? Is the desktop still the main channel?

Since we have really advanced cross-platform support I must say that our gamers are using desktop and mobile systems alike, they are really enjoying the possibility to start the game on a desktop computer at work, continue playing on mobile in public transport and check the stats and results back home on an iPad or laptop.

What is next for Nordeus in terms of platforms, products and new language markets?

We are developing new products, and we will be able to share more in the next couple of months. As for languages, as I have mentioned above, we are going towards 40 supported languages but we will definitely not stop there.

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Do you have a designated localization expert in your team to oversee the multilingual strategy part of your product cycle?

Of course, multilingual support is really important for us and we have a dedicated team of creative and talented people taking care of our localization and support efforts.

What were costs of localization in the early stages of your product strategy, and how efficient are you working now, using LingoHub? How do you use LingoHub (API, etc)?

Since we started using LingoHub, we are spending less time on localization, meaning that we are more efficient in every aspect (time, resources...). It's easy to merge translations into our production environment, and the whole process is automated, leaving us with more time to invest into other important segments.

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We will follow up with another localization business case shortly.

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