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Translation orders

LingoHub's translation orders help you get your texts translated or reviewed by external professionals in case there is no translator for a specific language in your team. This feature allows you to order translations in more than 40 languages. You will be notified as soon as your translations are ready.

Accessing the translation orders

There are two ways to access the translation orders:

  • From the orders tab in the top navigation bar.

    To access the translation orders overview page from the top navigation bar, click orders.


    You will be redirected to the translation orders overview page.

    Note: The orders tab is only available in the navigation bar if there is at least one project in your organization.

  • From the order translations button in the project's dashboard.

    To access the translation orders overview page from the dashboard, follow the steps below:

    1. Click dashboard in the top navigation bar.
    2. Select a project from the left side panel.
    3. Click order translations

    You will be redirected to the translation orders overview page.


Creating a translation order

To create a new translation order, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the translation order overview, as described above.

  2. Click order translations.

  3. Select a project.

  4. Select a style guide.

  5. Add an additional description if you would like to submit specific instructions to the translators.

  6. Click next.
    You will be redirected to a new page.

  7. Select the resource files to be included in your order.
    Note: Only text segments of selected resource files will be included in the order.

  8. Select the target languages.

  9. Apply filters to the selected languages.
    Note: You can select the included text segments for each target language based on their statuses separately. A filter can be applied to both the source and target languages.

  10. (De-)Select the proofreading option.
    Note: When you add the proofreading option for a language, a second professional translator reviews the translations after the translation.

    After setting all necessary options, a price will be calculated. The price varies for each language and is calculated by word count.

  11. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

  12. Place your order.
    Note: If you haven't added your billing information to your organization already, you will be asked to enter it.

Managing existing translation orders

To manage existing translation orders, access the translation orders overview, as described above.

The screenshot below displays all information available in the translations order overview and the actions that can be performed.


1 - Lists all organization's projects and the number of active translation orders for each project. Clicking on one will filter the translation orders and display them according to the selected project.

2 - Filters according to the status of the order. There are three options:

  • In progress: Orders that are newly created and are waiting to be processed.
  • With error: Orders that have failed (i.e., a failed payment) or have been canceled.
  • Finished: Orders that have successfully been completed.

3 - The project avatar. Hovering over it displays the name of the project.

4 - The date the order has been added or last updated.

5 - The target languages that have been ordered.

6 - The number of words to be translated.

7 - The price of the translation. The price is calculated based on the word count and the target languages.

8 - The current status of the order.

9 - Allows you to access the details of the translation order. You will be redirected to the translation order details.

Outcome of a complete translation order

Once a translation order was successful, two things will happen:

  • The statuses of the translated text segments will be changed to TRANSLATED or to APPROVED, if the proofreading option was enabled.

  • Your order's invoice will be available in the payments section of your translation order details. You can download the invoice as a PDF.


Canceling a translation order

To cancel a translation order, follow the steps below:

  1. Access the translation order overview page.
  2. Click cancel order.
  3. Confirm that you want to cancel your order.


Note: You can only cancel orders that have not been submitted to the translators yet.

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