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Deleting an organization

Deleting an organization is irreversible and will result in the deletion of all its projects and data. Additionally, your subscription will be terminated and your billing info will be deleted.

Before you delete your organization, be sure to download all your:

  • invoices
  • project resources
  • reports

To delete an organization, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the organization you want to delete on the left side of the top navigation bar.

  2. Click settings from the top navigation bar.


  3. Click profile in the drop-down menu.


  4. Click delete organization at the bottom of the page.

  5. Enter your password in the input field.

Your organization will be irreversibly deleted.

Note: In case you signed up with a service like GitHub, you need to set a user password first. Follow this guide, to set a password.

Note: If you have only one organization and delete it, you will be invited to create a new one. To use LingoHub's features, you need to participate in at least one organization.

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