How does your business cope with tricky translation?

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Information is power, regardless the industry and the market your company is active in. Therefore, it is essential for the information to be made accessible for all targeted audiences. And translating the information is vital in order to deliver the right message to your international audience, and raise awareness on your products across countries and continents. As a result, there …


30 languages just a click away with LingoHub Cloud Translation

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One of our goals here at LingoHub is to get translation service management to a whole new level. Well, the next level is here today, and we’re happy to present you Cloud Translation, a simple technology-friendly solution, that can translate texts into over 30 languages automatically with a push of a button, without depending on machine translation. The Cloud Translation …


A Data-Driven Guide to Lean Translation Management [Free Ebook]

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Localization involves the entire lifecycle of localizing a product, from planning the necessary steps, getting your entire team on board, procuring the required external resources to integrating, shipping and communicating the localized product. From a software developer’s perspective, translation management covers the step where the text elements of an application need to be translated, and then they need to be …


Angular i18n update from ng-conf 2015

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Angular 2 will change a lot (RIP everything you know) – also the client-side i18n support. Chirayu Krishnappa and Pascal Precht gave a talk on this year’s ng-conf in Salt Lake City about how to use i18n for future Angular apps. Currently there is no standard how you localize your angular app – we are using angular-translate from Pascal Precht. …


Localization business case – Nimbusec: “Before LingoHub, it was a mess”

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Software localization is more than the translation of a product’s User Interface. Companies localize software in order to reach a much larger target audience, overcoming cultural barriers and product strategy obstacles. One of our clients, the Austrian software development company Cumulo, took a step forward in reaching their customers, and successfully integrated localization into their website security monitor called nimbusec. Up next, Cumulo’s …

LingoHub translation reports are here

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Today we released a new word count report feature. Counting words sounds really simple, however, if you dive deeper into the subject you quickly find out it’s not. Our previous implementation was simple and did it’s job. It gave the project administrators an overview of what happened in the project and who made how many text changes. The problem was …


Brace yourselves, future is coming: ES6, AtScript and Angular 2.0

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Recently, the first AngularJS conference in Europe, ng-europe, took place in Paris. The future of Angular and beyond was the main topic in all different kind of talks. How will the new JavaScript ES6 implemented in Angular 2.0 by the AngularJS Team? Angular 1.3 is already out and mainly focuses on better performance. Compared to version 1.2, DOM manipulation is 4.4 …


$touched is the new $dirty – AngularJS Migration Guide 1.2 to 1.3

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Quite recently the AngularJS Team released the first RELEASE CANDIDATE of AngularJS 1.3. This small AngularJS migration guide should help you if you have any problems migrating from 1.2 to 1.3. I will shortly point out which changes did break our app and then I will show an example of one of the main new features: $asyncValidators AngularJS migration: A change that can break …

LingoHub free app localization

Say hello to free app localization on LingoHub!

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We just introduced new subscription plans! Now there are complete packages that better suit customer project sizes and requirements. Less limitations, more possibilities! A lot of customers bring their own translators, others hire them on freelance markets. Other projects are small teams of developers, some are bigger teams. We want to accommodate the various needs of our users and so we …