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Cut costs by translating any app and exporting it with ease to other mobile frameworks. Export your iOS project to Android™ and Windows®, or do it just the other way around.

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iOS localization

Full iOS File Support

No need to worry about handling different file formats. We configured iOS projects to support string, plist and xliff files in order to best assist you.

Top Reasons to localize Mobile Apps with LingoHub

Any app localization hurdles vanish into the translation nirvana with LingoHub.

  • In Context Translation

    Translation quality spurs when context information is provided. LingoHub empowers translators to translate in context and with pictures of screen. Valuable information can be easily shared between developers and translators via screenshots and comments.

  • Customizable Guidelines for every Project

    Define individual guidelines for text length and breaks using LingoChecks. This ensures a proper layout on mobile devices, where the screen size is limited, and facilitates app localization.

  • Everything at a Glance

    The dashboard bundles project information and is your control center on LingoHub. It provides a clear overview of languages, translation progress, latest activities and much more.

  • Keep on working in your Integrated Development Environment

    There’s no need to leave your Integrated Development Environment. Any additional information placed in your resource file is detected by LingoHub. Custom guidelines and comments are included upon import and provide translators with the ultimate context information.

Trusted by the Apps you use

Global champions trust in LingoHub’s award winning translation service hub.


App LocalizationApp Localization

Mobile App Localization in just 3 Steps

App Localization - Step 1


Upload your texts easily via Web, REST API or GitHub/Bitbucket integration to get started.

App Localization - Step 2


Manage or purchase translations and keep track of your translation progress. Integrated tools help you to work more efficient.

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App Localization - Step 3


By just one click translated files can be downloaded, ready to be deployed.

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