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Understanding Activity Reports

The Activity Reports list all activity within your organization for a given period of time. They provide you with a more detailed overview of your translation progress than the dashboard and give you the opportunity to monitor your team's productivity.

How to access Activity Reports

There are two ways of accessing the Activity Reports :

  • From the top navigation bar by simply clicking on the Reports tab.


  • From the project's dashboard by clicking on the Reports option from the target language context menu. This will open the reports and filter the activities for that specific language.


Information available in Activity Reports

Below, is a summary of all the information provided by the reports :


1 - The organization's projects: click on one project to filter the activities.


2 - Pre-defined time frames Today, Week, Month : available for quick filters


3 - Specific time frame to manually select the period you are interested in.

By default, the past month is always selected. For instance, if you access the reports on July 7th, the selected time frame will be [June 7th - July 7th] Img

4 - Filter by user: see what each of your team members has been doing during the defined period. Img

5 - Filter by languages: show the activities for the selected language. The available languages for the filter depend on the selected project. Img

6 - Summary of the activities for the specified period: the information displayed depends on the different filters that have been applied.


7 - Detailed information of the activities: Img

  • the date and time the text segment has been updated
  • the languages from and to, the text segment has been translated
  • the number of translated and approved words: clicking on them displays a popup with the source segment and its translation Img
  • the source of the text segment update: it can be the editor or a resource file import
  • the team member who translated or approved the text segment
  • the project in which the text segment belongs

Only the text segments with Translated and Approved statuses are used in the generation of the Activity Reports.

That wraps up the Activity Reports. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

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