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Connecting your project to a repository

Connecting your project to a repository allows you to synchronize your project resource files with your repository files. LingoHub provides integrations with GitHub, BitBucket, and Gitlab.

Configuring the connection

Configuring your repository connection is easy. Simply click on the repository manager of your choice and follow the wizard's instructions.

  • Select your repository and your branch
  • Define your watch pattern: this determines which files LingoHub should watch and it basically corresponds to the location of the files you want to synchronize with your project's resource files.
  • Finish Setup

When you enter your watch pattern, please keep in mind that LingoHub only detects the files matching your project's platform

Managing your repository settings

Once your connection is established, you can manage your repository settings easily. Following are the different actions you can perform :

  • Update your connection settings
  • Pull / Push your files from your branch
  • Activate / Deactivate automatic pull: when activated, LingoHub pulls your files from your repository whenever they are updated
  • Choose the push type: direct push or pull request

Once your project is connected to a repository, you also have the option to push or pull files from the Resource Files view.

You've now made it through the Project's Repository Connection. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch at