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LingoHub Statuses

One of the key features of LingoHub is an organized workflow, which is achieved with the help of statuses.

The main purpose of Statuses is to streamline and standardize all phases of the translation process. That way, you are aware at any moment at which stage your project is, how and what to delegate to the right people.

Types of Statuses

Source language statuses :

The source languages have only two available statuses:

  • Draft
  • Approved

The latest is the default status set for the source text segments.

Target language statuses

Four statuses can be defined for the target language.

  • Not Translated: this status is, by default, not available when updating the status of a text segment. Usually, it is used by LingoHub to mark empty translations when importing new texts or when a translation has been deleted.
  • Draft: this status is used for incomplete translations
  • Translated: this status indicates that the translation is complete and ready for review
  • Approved: this status is only available for the reviewers and, when used, indicates that the translation is complete and fulfills all the quality checks.

Statuses Usages

Below, are the locations where you can make use of the statuses.


The statuses usage is more obvious at the project dashboard level, where they help you get an idea of the progress of the project with a glance.


Below are the statuses usages in the editor .

1 - filter through the text segments.

2 - update the state of the text segment

Translation Memory

You can define the statuses of the text segments you want your Translation Memory to learn from. By default, the statuses are set to Translated and Approved.


From the project settings, you can choose the statuses you want to set your text segments to, after they have been automatically translated with Autofill.

Project Settings

The statuses can be used to define these following project settings :

  • Workflows settings


  • Export settings

Translation Orders

You can choose the text segments you want to send for translation based on their statuses.

You've now made it through the Lingohub Statuses. If you have any questions, please get in touch at

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