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Activity Reports

Activity reports list all activities within your organization for a given time period. They provide you with a more detailed overview of your translation progress compared to the dashboard overview and give you the opportunity to monitor your team's productivity.

Accessing activity reports...

There are two ways of accessing the activity reports:

  • ...from the top navigation bar:

    To access the activity reports from the top navigation bar, click reports.


    An overview of all projects will be displayed.

  • ...from the dashboard

    To get a report on a specific target language of a project, follow the steps below:

    1. Click dashboard in the top navigation bar.
    2. Select a project from the left side panel.
    3. Click on the action context menu of the target language you want to have a report on.
    4. Click reports.


A pre-filtered report for the specified project and target language will be displayed.

Understanding activity reports

The image below displays all the information an activity report provides.


1 - Project list - to filter by project


2 - Pre-defined time frames - to filter by today, week, month


3 - Specific time frame - to manually select the period you are interested in

By default, the past month is selected. For instance, if you access the reports on July 7th, the automatically selected time frame will be [June 7th - July 7th]. You can change the time frame to your liking at any time.


4 - Filter by user - to display what a specific team member worked on during the specified time frame


5 - Filter by languages - to display all activities for the selected language. The available languages for the filter depend on the selected project.


6 - Summary of the activities for the specified period - this displays a summary dependant on the selected filters


7 - Detailed information of the activities


This section displays:

  • The date and time the text segment has been updated.

  • The languages the text segment has been translated from and to.

  • The number of translated and approved words. Clicking on it displays a popup with the source segment and its translation.


  • The source of the text segment update. An update can occur from either the editor or a resource file import.

  • The team member who translated or approved the text segment.

  • The project to which the text segment belongs.

Note: Only text segments with translated and approved statuses are accounted for in activity reports.

Congratulations! You finished our activity reports guide. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch with our support.

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