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The LingoHub packages help you to manage the versioning of your applications and provide you with a backup system for your projects' translations. They also allow you to perform OTA (Over The Air) updates by immediately delivering your latest translations to your mobile clients whenever you activate a new release.

Accessing the packages

The packages can be accessed from the Resources tab in the Project Dashboard.


To be able to use the packages features, you need to be subscribed to at least the Basic Plan.

Managing packages

You can create new packages and manage your existing ones.

Creating a new package

Follow these steps to create a new package :

  • Click on the Create new package button Img

  • Enter your package information: the name, stage, the version from, and to which the package is valid as well as an option to automatically generate the releases of the package.


The number of packages you can create per project depends on your Subscription Plan.

Managing your existing packages

Managing your packages consist of updating your packages' information and managing its releases. To access the packages management page, click on the Manage option of the Actions context menu.


Following, are the information you can get from the packages management page.


1 - The basic information of your package. It is the same data you entered when creating your package. You can update the data as well as your backup strategy.

2 - Your package releases. A package release consists of a zip archive of all your project's resource files at the time the release was created. There are 3 ways of adding a new release to your package :

  • Automatic generation - by activating the Automatically generate option when creating or updating your package and choose the period you want your releases to be generated.


  • Manual generation - by simply clicking on the Generate button below your release's list.


  • Manual upload - by clicking on the Upload new release button and adding your own zip file containing your translations. You need to make sure that the file you upload, respect our guidelines.


The number of package releases that you can create depends on your subscription plan. Adding a new release when you reach the limit will automatically delete the oldest non-active release.

When you have more than one package releases, you will have the possibility to change the active release. The active release will be automatically delivered to your mobile clients.


3 - Option to delete your package.

Deleting a package

There are 2 ways of deleting a package :

1 - Click on the Remove option of the Actions context menu and confirm the deletion.


2 - Click on the Delete button from the package's management page.


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