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LingoHub Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts is a tool located in the editor that allows you to optimize your time when working on your translations. Using the keyboard shortcuts come in handy when you have to perform repetitive operations such as changing the status of text segments (i.e when performing a review) or inserting translations from the Translation Memory or the Machine Translation.

Accessing the Keyboard Shortcuts

The Keyboard Shortcuts can be accessed from the SHORTCUTS option in the side panel, or with simply the CTRL + H command.


The Keyboard Shortcuts are classified into 2 categories :

  • Default: where you find basic shortcuts to navigate through the text segments, select a translation, open the current text segment history, etc.

  • Edit: where you can perform more complex operations such as saving a translation and moving to the next one, changing the status of a text segment, or inserting suggestions from the Translation Memory (TM) or Machine Translation (MT), etc.

Since the TM can provide with up to 3 translation suggestions, the Keyboard Shortcuts allow you 4 options to insert from TM and MT suggestions: one shortcut for each TM suggestion and the last for the MT.

That was it for the Keyboard Shortcuts guide. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch at

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