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Project Dashboard

The Project Dashboard is the entry point of your translation management system. The dashboard lists all your projects, recent activities, and gives you a good indicator of your translation progress.

Accessing the Dashboard

When you first log into LingoHub you will be taken straight to the Dashboard which lists all of the projects you either own or are involved with. You can easily switch between projects from the Dashboard or from the Projects drop-down in the top navigation bar.


Below is a list of the information you get from the Dashboard overview:

1 – Number of target languages of your project

2 – Number of persons collaborating on the project

3 – Option to filter through languages with completed translations, in progress, or with issues.

4 – Option allowing you to add a new target language to your project.

Another way of adding a target language to your project, would be to upload a resource file of the desired language.
For instance, to add the French language to your project, upload a file.

5 – Option allowing you to switch between the Text Segments and Word Count view. The first one is always selected by default.

6 - This indicates that a source text segment status can only be set to Draft or Approved neither are the LingoChecks applicable to the source text segments.

7 - This shows the operations you can perform on the source language. For now, there is only the Translate option available. Clicking on it will redirect you to the Editor.

8 - Shows the translation progress of the target language. The completion percentage is based on the number of approved translations.

9 - This shows that LingoChecks set for some text segments are failing. Clicking on the icon will redirect you to the Editor and will filter the failing text segments.

10 - This shows the operations you can perform on a Target Language. You can Translate, check the activity reports for the language, or remove it from your project. Deleting the language also deletes its resource files.

You've now made it through the Dashboard's overview. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch at

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