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Managing Personal Settings

You can update your personal information, manage your account settings (i.e: social sign-in, API Token), change your password, and choose your notifications strategy in the user's personal settings.


Accessing the personal settings

The personal settings are accessed from the user name's drop-down menu in the Navigation bar.


Profile Settings

In the profile settings, you can update the following information:

  • your public avatar
  • your first name and last name
  • your display name
  • the language you want to use LingoHub with


Account Settings

Following, are the information you can get as well as the actions you can perform in the account settings :

  • Update the email used for login and notifications
  • Set up a Social Sign-in to connect your LingoHub profile with GitHub, Bitbucket, and Google platforms. This will allow you to log in to your LingoHub with one of the linked platforms instead of your email and password.
  • Get your API token: This token allows you to get access to your LingoHub account. You can also use it as an authentication method for the REST API. Click on Refresh token to generate a new one.
  • Delete your account: this will result in the deletion of all the organizations for which you are the only owner.


Change Password

You can easily change your password in the user's settings


Notification Settings

In the notifications settings, you can select the type of notifications you want to receive :

  • General Updates
  • Weekly Summary - this notification informs the team about the work that has been achieved during the week. It is sent only if there has been text translated during that week.
  • Daily Text Updates - those notifications are usually sent to the translators to notify them when new texts are waiting to be translated.


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