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Understanding and Managing Subscription Plans

The Subscription Plans can be accessed and managed from the Organization Settings. From there, you get an overview of your current subscription state and can upgrade, download, or cancel your subscription at any time.


Managing your current Subscription Plan

The first section of the Subscription settings is where you get a summary of your current subscription state and can change your billing options if needed.


1 - Current plan name: The different plans available are Starter, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise.

2 - Current bill: The amount that is going to be billed, it can be monthly or yearly.

3 - Seats: refers to the number of team members that can be added to your organization. Each plan has a predefined number of available seats, but you can add extra seats at any time. In this example, 1 extra seat has been added to our organization. The price of an extra seat depends on the Subscription Plan.

4 - Text Segments: shows the number of text segments that have been used in all of the organization's projects. Just like for the seats, you can also add additional text segments if you need to use more text segments that the number provided by your current Subscription Plan.

5 - Update billing option: you can change your billing option from monthly to yearly, and vice versa. You will have to update your Subscription Plan, to take your changes into account. Once it's successfully changed, the current bill will be updated as well.


Changing your Subscription Plan

In the second section of the Subscription section, you can get a detailed presentation of the different features included in each Subscription Plan and switch between plans.

Upgrading or downgrading your Subscription Plan is easy, you simply need to click on the Upgrade or Downgrade button of the plan you are interested in and confirm the operation.


Understanding what is happening when you switch between plans

Changing your Subscription Plan has a direct impact on the organization's billing. To understand better what it implies, we will illustrate with the following cases :

  • Changing Subscription Plan during the trial period

When you first sign up to LingoHub, you are given a free trial of 14 days where you can use all the platform's features for free. If you decide to switch to a Subscription plan before your trial ends, you will have access to the features of the chosen plan, but you will not be billed before the end of your trial period.

  • Upgrading your plan

When you upgrade your Subscription Plan during your current billing cycle (for instance you are billed every 5th of the month, and you change your plan the 20th), and switch from the Basic Plan to the Professional plan, you will be charged with the Basic Plan until the 20th, and from the 20th to the 5th, you will be charged with the Professional Plan.

  • Downgrading your plan

When you downgrade from one Subscription Plan to another, during your billing cycle, proration is going to be applied. It means that for the next billing cycle, you are going to pay the difference between the amount you've had left from the last Subscription and the cost of the new Subscription Plan.

LingoHub's subscriptions are billed in advance at the beginning of each cycle.

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