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Creating an Organization

A LingoHub organization can be considered as the representation of your company within LingoHub. It is where you store all your translation projects and define the term bases, translation memories, and style guides they are going to use.

How to create an Organization?

You can create your LingoHub organization in 2 ways :

1. In the Onboarding process After Signing Up to LingoHub

As shown in the picture below, during the onboarding process, you can create your first organization by simply indicating its name.


2. From the navigation bar anywhere in the platform

Creating an organization is done with the following steps :

  • Go to the organization's drop-down menu and click on the Switch Organizations option


  • Click on the Create Organization button in the popup that shows up


  • Enter your organization's avatar (optional) and name (required)


Once you have successfully created your organization, you are invited to create a new project. Please, check out our guide on how to create a LingoHub project for more information.

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