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Managing Billing & Payment Information

The Billing and Payment Information can be accessed from the Organization Settings in the billing section. You can set and manage your Billing Information and Payment Method as well as getting your invoices.

Adding Billing and Payment Information


To add your Billing and Payment Information to your organization :

  • Click on the Add your credit card button
  • Fill the form: the information you enter will be used on your invoices


  • Click on the Next: enter payment information button: you will be redirected to a secured gateway to enter your credit card information

  • Enter your credit card information and click the Save card button


Managing your Billing and Payment Information

Once you have set your Billing and Payment Information, you can access and update them at any time.


1 - Summary of your Billing Information. That will be used in your invoices.

2 - Your Payment Information, which basically corresponds to your current payment method.

3 - All of your invoices are grouped here, whether they are from your subscription or your translation orders payments.

4 - Option that allows you to download your invoice as a PDF file.

You can edit your Billing and Payment Information at any time, by clicking on the Edit button next to each of them.


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