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Function overview of LingoHub

Welcome to LingoHub!

This introduction lets you take a first peek at the product and get a grasp of the main features.


The dashboard presents an overview of the projects' progress and comes with tools to help you manage your projects' resource files, preferences, and repository integrations among others. Please consult this detailed guide for the dashboard's complete list of features.



Translations are added and managed here. To increase the translators' productivity, the editor provides tools such as:

  • machine translation and translation memory suggestions

  • keyboard shortcuts to navigate through the text segments, fill them or change their statuses

  • search and filter options to quickly access specific text segments

The editor's full list of features can be accessed here.


Activity reports

The reports present a summary of all the activities within your organization for a given period of time. There are different filters available to get tailor-made information. There is a detailed documentation available on how to work with the filters and fully understand the information provided in the reports.


Translation orders

For teams that do not have translators, Lingohub provides the possibility of ordering translations and reviews from professional translators. A guide to the translation orders can be found here.


Team collaboration

A collaboration system is available on the LingoHub platform. You can add members to an organization or a project and give them specific permissions that are going to determine their roles and access levels to different resources.

Before starting to utilize the collaboration feature, please make sure you understand how members and roles work first.


A conversation system is also available to you, allowing you to seamlessly communicate with your team members without having to leave the platform.


Account management

Lingohub gives you the flexibility to manage your information and settings.

On an organization level, you can manage your billing information and subscription plans, your term bases (glossaries), translation memories, and style guides.


On a more personal level, you can update your user settings and your notification preferences.


Congratulations! You finished the quick intro and now know about all the basic features of LingoHub. If there's anything we can help you with, please get in touch with our support.

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