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Your First LingoHub Project

A LingoHub project represents the unit in which your resource files are stored and managed. It combines everything you need to successfully translate texts: your files (which contain the text segments), team members, settings, quality rules, etc.

Your project can either be a Mobile App, a website, a Help Center, or anything else you want to translate.

If you don't have any project on your organization yet, this is the view that you have when trying to access the dashboard :


Following are the steps you have to follow to create your first Lingohub Project :

1. Click on the 'Create own project' button

You will be redirected to the new project wizard.

2. Enter your project's information

Next, you have to add your project information :

  • Name: The project name is required and must be unique within your organization.
  • Platform: The platform you chose determines the type of resource files that can be uploaded to your project.
  • Source Language: This is the base language from which the translations are done.
  • Target Languages: These represent the languages to which your content should be translated to.

Once the project is created, the platform and the source language can't be changed anymore. However, you can add/remove target languages as you like on the dashboard.


3. Add your resource files

After you enter your project's information you can either import your resource files, or view your empty project. If you choose to import your resource files right away, you can do it in 2 ways :

a. By manually uploading your files Img

b. By connecting your project to a repository

Lingohub provides integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket and Gitlab.

These integrations allow you to synchronize your Lingohub resource files with your repositories and give you options to perform pull and push operations manually or automatically.

After successfully connecting your project to the desired repository, your resource files will be imported to your project and you will be redirected to the dashboard, in the resources imports section.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your first project.

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