Holistic Windows App Localization

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Source .resjson file

"welcome" : "Hooray, you're here! The day just got better - enjoy the following tips!",
"_welcome.comment" : "This is an awesome description.",

"love" : "Made with ❤",

Translated .resjson file

"welcome" : "Hurra, du bist hier! Der Tag ist gerettet - nutze die folgenden Tipps!",

"love" : "Mit ❤ gemacht"

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Full Resource File Support

Windows® app projects in LingoHub support all file formats you need for Windows localization:

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  • .resx
  • .resjson
Full resource file support in Windows app localization
Windows i18n with Visual Studio

Complete Visual Studio Internationalization Guide

Internationalization is the first step in localizing your Windows app texts. LingoHub’s comprehensive tutorial shows you how to internationalize your app with Visual Studio.

Quality checks ensure a proper layout of your localized app

Immaculate Layout through Quality Checks

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