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Source .yaml file

# This is an awesome description.
welcome : 'Hooray, you''re here! The day just got better - enjoy the following tips!'

love : 'Made with ❤'

Translated .yaml file

welcome : 'Hurra, du bist hier! Der Tag ist gerettet - nutze die folgenden Tipps!'

love : 'Mit ❤ gemacht'

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Full Rails i18n Support

Rails internationalization places all your Rails app texts into resource files which are used to localize your Ruby applications. This step by step i18n tutorial perfectly assists you in Rails i18n.


Continuous Ruby on Rails localization through GitHub and Bitbucket integration

Agile, Continuous Localization

Set up an agile process in minutes and connect LingoHub to GitHub and Bitbucket, so texts are automatically pushed and pulled from your repository. Automatic text synchronization eliminates manual file up- and downloads and ultimately speeds up your release cycles.

In-Context Localization

Translation quality improves in line with provided context information. Translators work in context using pictures of your Rails application’s screen. Developers can leave comments right in the .yaml resource files which are included upon import into LingoHub.

In context Rails localization

Hundreds of companies translate with LingoHub and successfully do business all around the world.