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Source .properties file

# This is an awesome description.
welcome = Hooray, you're here! The day just got better - enjoy the following tips!

love = Made with ❤

Translated .properties file

welcome = Hurra, du bist hier! Der Tag ist gerettet - nutze die folgenden Tipps!

love = Mit ❤ gemacht

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Agile, Continuous Localization

Connect LingoHub to GitHub or Bitbucket to establish continuous localization. Agile processes eliminate manual file up- and downloads as texts are transferred through auto synch to accelerate release cycles.

Continuous Java localization through GitHub and Bitbucket integration
Tools for Ruby on Rails localization

Translator-friendly Software Localization

Translators struggle to properly transfer placeholders and software code elements to translations. LingoHub detects dynamic content and highlights them for translators. Automated quality checks further control all translations for valid placeholder usage.

Connect to global Translators’ Network

LingoHub supports your preferred translation strategy. Work with your company’s translators and profit from powerful translation tools and translation automation. If you’re missing a translator in your team just connect to our certified translators in more than 35 languages.


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