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Source .ini file

# This is an awesome description.
welcome = Hooray, you're here! The day just got better - enjoy the following tips!

love = Made with ❤

Translated .ini file

welcome = Hurra, du bist hier! Der Tag ist gerettet - nutze die folgenden Tipps!

love = Mit ❤ gemacht

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Streamlined Resource File Upload

Upload INI localization files in LingoHub easily by dropping them. Comprehensive import and export settings enable you to personalize your localization workflow. Text changes will be handled according to the rules you specified.

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Share translations between projects with LingoHub's autofill function

Autofill performs lots of Translation Work automatically

Translations can be shared across different project, languages or dialects with autofill. LingoHub automatically copies matching translations if text segments in your INI localization project are empty to automate lots of translation work.

Machine Translation for initial Translations

Suggestions from Machine Translation are a great starting point for your translators. They can use these initial translations, adapt them and create high-quality translations in short time.

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