Bitbucket Integration to synchronize Texts, manually or automatically

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Over 2.5 million users around the globe trust in Bitbucket, a popular code hosting service and management tool.
LingoHub’s Bitbucket continuous integration connects smoothly with any existing development environment and spurs productivity.

Bitbucket integration

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Profit from LingoHub’s smooth Bitbucket Integration

Accelerate your Localization Workflow

Hook your repository up to LingoHub and facilitate version control. LingoHub’s continuous integration to Bitbucket resumes manual file uploads and saves time. Update your texts at the push of a button.

Bitbucket integration
No manual file handling through Continuous Translation

Pull Files easily from your Repository

Bitbucket integration makes manual file upload surplus. Your source texts are automatically imported and displayed in the online editor.

Easy Repository Connection

LingoHub’s in-app wizard guides you through the set-up and helps you to connect your LingoHub project to your Bitbucket repository.

Bitbucket integration set-up wizard
Bitbucket integration - download files and manually import them in Bitbucket

Simple File Download and Export

Even though Bitbucket doesn’t allow to push back files automatically, file download is kept simple. Download your files at the push of a button and push them to your repository manually.

People use LingoHub

For Continuous Translation

LingoHub integrates smoothly with existing development environments. Text changes are automatically detected and translations kept up to date. MORE INFO

To save costs

The Translation Memory suggests texts for current translations based on translated texts. You save costs as no texts are translated twice. MORE INFO

To avoid mistakes

LingoHub integrates in your software development process, detects text changes, notifies translators and avoids mistakes. MORE INFO

To connect with certified translators

We partnered up with professional human translators fluent in 35+ languages. Order high-quality translations at the push of a button. MORE INFO