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Source .json file

"welcome" : "Hooray, you're here! The day just got better - enjoy the following tips!",

"love" : "Made with ❤"

Translated .json file

"welcome" : "Hurra, du bist hier! Der Tag ist gerettet - nutze die folgenden Tipps!",

"love" : "Mit ❤ gemacht"

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Angular translate Module

Quite some AngularJS modules exist to localize your AngularJS application. LingoHub supports angular-translate, the most common module. A simple JSON file is used to define translations and transfer texts to LingoHub.

AngularJS localization via REST API

REST API to build globalized Products

Our powerful REST API empowers you to integrate LingoHub in your development environment and define your own workflow. Automate content extraction so new texts are instantly sent to LingoHub. All LingoHub functions can be addressed via our REST API.

Advanced Software Localization Tools

LingoHub empowers you to establish placeholder validation. Placeholders are highlighted so translators can transfer them correctly to translations. Quality checks are automatically controlled and enforced according to the rules you specified and ensure that translations won’t break your AngularJS application.

Tools for AngularJS localization

Hundreds of companies translate with LingoHub and successfully do business all around the world.