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Full Version Control

LingoHub automatically compares different versions of your file, once you upload a newer one. Texts in your Adobe InDesign translation project are simultaneously updated and supplemented. What’s more, LingoHub notifies your translators about any changes by highlighting translations. They immediately recognize texts that need to be corrected or approved.

Effortless text synchronization through automated versioning
Enhance translation speed and text quality with the powerful Translation Memory

Increase Text Consistency

LingoHub’s self-learning Translation Memory significantly reduces the time to market of catalogues, folders and other Adobe InDesign files which need to be published in many languages. Based on previous approved translations the Translation Memory provides suggestions for current translation work to speed up Adobe InDesign translation.

Choose your preferred Translation Strategy

LingoHub goes with your preferred translation strategy. Whether work with in-house translators and/or team up with certified translators from our global network. Professional translations to over 35 languages can be ordered at the push of a button.


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