Automatic Quality Checks for your Texts

Benefit from LingoHub’s automated Quality Checks

LingoHub’s automated quality checks, called LingoChecks, automatically control your translations for terms, placeholders, HTML code, line breaks and text length.

  • Achieve higher text quality and correctness in your texts.
  • Cut costs as manual quality control is obsolete. Defined quality checks are automatically controlled and enforced by the system.
  • LingoChecks accelerate translation speed. Your translators are immediately notified if translations don’t meet your quality rules.
LingoChecks for higher text quality

Top Reasons to go with LingoHub’s Quality Checks

Quality Checks for Developers and Translators

Define quality checks in the LingoHub application or comment line of your file. When you upload or sync files LingoHub automatically detects and extracts LingoChecks from the comment line. Each translation is checked against the defined set of rules to ensure it won’t break your software when used.

Define LingoChecks in file comments
Quality checks for your localization project

Extensive Quality Checks for your Localization Project

Define quality checks for your entire localization project once which are then automatically controlled and enforced across all texts in your project. Various options allow you to customize quality checks for each project.

Individual Quality Checks for specific Texts

Limit how long each translation is if you are tight on space. Define character limits for certain texts to limit their length and make sure translations perfectly fit in your software’s layout and design.

Quality checks for specific text segments
Auto alert for failing quality checks on the dashboard

Auto Alert for LingoChecks

Quality checks control and validate translations for accuracy. Translators are immediately notified in the online editor if translations don’t meet your quality standards. Your entire team is informed on the dashboard when quality checks fail and actions are required.

Approve Texts to accept failing Quality Checks

It might be necessary to accept failing checks for a certain text. Once you assign the approved status to a text segment, failing LingoChecks won’t show up anymore.

Failing quality checks will disappear once the text is approved

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