Keyboard Shortcuts

Scared of mice? We’ve made it easy navigate around and perform actions in the editor just using the keyboard.


Accessing Shortcuts Help

To make it easier for you getting used to and learning about our shortcuts a Shortcuts Help as been integrated into the editor. Shortcuts Help is a description of all shortcuts which can be used on LingoHub. It is easily accessible via the “Help” link on top of the editor or using the shortcut Ctrl + H.


Keyboard shortcuts

Default Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available when you’re in highlight mode, and the highlight bar is shown next to a segment.

Move up:
Move down:
Focus segment: Enter
Select translation: X
Show shortcuts help: Ctrl + H

Editor search (Mac): + Shift + Space
Editor search (Windows): + Shift + Space
Open/Close side panel: Ctrl + +
Go to project: Ctrl + Space

Open settings: Ctrl + U
Open labels: Ctrl + I
Open history: Ctrl + O
Open comments: Ctrl + P


Editing Shortcuts

These shortcuts will be available when you are in the segment text and actively editing it.

Insert source text: Ctrl + 0
Insert from Translation Memory or Machine Translation:
Ctrl + 1 or
Ctrl + 2 or
Ctrl + 3 or
Ctrl + 4

Close without saving: Esc

Save & go to next segment: Tab
Save & go to previous segment: Shift + Tab

Save as DRAFT: Ctrl + J
Save as TRANSLATED: Ctrl + K
Save as APPROVED: Ctrl + L

Save as DRAFT (minor update): Ctrl + Shift + J
Save as APPROVED (minor update): Ctrl + Shift + L

 A minor update is useful when you want to change a source text and do NOT want to set other target text segments to DRAFT.

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