Exporting Resource Files

The proof is in the pudding. Once you’ve got some content in your resource files, you can download them from LingoHub or push them to your GitHub repository, ready to be rolled out into your software.


This section covers the following:

Downloading Files

  1. After logging into your LingoHub account, select the project you wish to upload resource files to, either from the organization dashboard or the projects drop-down in the top navigation.
  2. Go to the ‘Resource Files‘ page from the navigation menu. You’ll be taken something like this:
    Resource files view
  3. To download a single file, hover over the file you want to download and click on the ‘Download‘ link that appears on the right of the page.
  4. To download all files, click ‘Download all Files‘ button in the top right. This generates a .zip file that will be sent directly to your email account.

Exporting directly to GitHub

If you’ve already integrated with Github, you will have the option to push your resource files to your Git repository.

Pushing all files to GitHub

    1. Go to the Resource Files page of your project:
      Export files directly to GitHub
    2. Click on the  pushFilesGitHub button in the top right, where you will be able to select which branch of your repository to upload to.
    3. The upload will be performed in the background:


Pushing files individually to GitHub

  1. Go to the Resource Files page of your project
  2. Hover over the file you wish to export and click on the ‘select branch‘ drop down menu.
  3. Click on the branch you wish to upload to and the push will be confirmed:

Changing Export Settings

You can change what happens to the source or target languages when you download files. To change your export settings click on the settings button in the resource files view (you’ll be directed to your project settings) or enter your project settings from the navigation. You’ll be then presented with numerous options for both source and target language exports. Please read more about it in the project settings documentation.

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