Creating a Project

Just like magic. Creating a new project in LingoHub is a cinch with our step-by-step wizard.


This section covers the following:

All you need to create a LingoHub project is a localization resource file or document in a supported format and a decision on the language you want to translate your project into. The rest is easy.

Accessing the Wizard

  1. Click the green “Create a Project” button on the top right of the dashboard or select ‘New Project# from the Projects drop-down in the top navigation.
    Access the project wizard
  2. Decide whether you want to upload a file or connect your LingoHub project to your GitHub or Bitbucket repository.
    Project wizard - How do you want to import files?


Upload Files

When you upload a resource file or document the wizard guides you through the simple upload process.

  1. Enter the name of your project and drop the file you want to add or select a file. LingoHub automatically detects the used framework/file format and language for most of your files.
    Import already translated files as well to centralize text management in LingoHub. You can add a description and an avatar later on in your project settings if you want.
  2. Select the source and target languages for your project.
  3. Once your project is created you’ll be redirected to the editor and can start translating!


Project wizard - Uploading files

Please bare in mind that the source language cannot be changed once the project has been created, please select carefully.

Connect Service

If you want to connect your LingoHub project to your repository you’ll be redirected to the GitHub/Bitbucket log in page. The wizard guides you through a few simple steps of setting up your integration.

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