Organization Administration

Feeling like a king. Be the payment master and easily create, delete and manage organizations from your thron. Learn in this new part of our documentation how to boost your productivity when using LingoHub!


Important News!
Forgotten are the pseudo accounts you created to manage a company. We implemented organizations on LingoHub which allow you to manage everything from just one single place. Managing your team, billing and subscription across various projects within your organization is now made easy and explained in our updated documentation!


Organization Dashboard

Everything at a glance. The organization dashboard gives you an overview of all the projects in your organization on LingoHub!

Creating an Organization

The Wonderful Wizard of Orgz. Easily create new organization on LingoHub with our step-by-step wizard!

Deleting an Organization

Time to say goodbye? This part of our documentation shows you how to delete an organization.

Changing a Subscription Plan

Sign me up, Scotty. Once you’ve realized the potential of LingoHub and want to make use of all the features available, just select a subscription plan.

Changing Billing Information

Ready, steady, go! Once you have selected your LingoHub subscription plans, you can easily edit your billing information so we can complete the transaction.

Calculating Word Count

It’s not merely a matter of words! The new and flexible plans perfectly suit your varying project needs. They are marked by the number of users and words. This is how LingoHub calculates word count.

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