RESJSON Localization

RESJSON files are used by Windows “Metro” style applications developed for Windows 8. They are saved in a JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format and contain strings that are often used for localizing the application’s user interface.

If you are working with RESX or RESW files please take a look at this guide.


  • The whole content is enclosed in braces ({ }) with no new lines.
  • Key-value pairs are delimited with colons (:).
  • Keys and values are surrounded by quotes (“).
  • Key-value pairs are comma separated.
  • Placeholder syntax: {name}, where “name” can be a combination of non-whitespace characters
  • Key-value pairs with a key syntax like: “_somekey.comment” where “somekey” is an existing key, are treated as comments belonging to a key-value pair with the “somekey” key. The location of the comment in the file is not important.
  • We use UTF-8 encoding for RESJSON resource files exports by default, but you can always choose a different encoding if needed.


Additional example files can be accessed here.